The 2023 programme was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts

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Falerone Art Colony (fac) is a civil based organisation, founded by the hungarian architect István Váli in 2006. Since 2007 from year to year students of architecture from the BME Budapest University of Technology and Economics and students from other disciplines are the partecipants of the annual summer courses. Sauro Cecchi and Adelio Marini (†2019), the Falerone based artists, hungarian artists and the professors of the BME Faculty of Architecture help the work of the partecipants. The mission of the fac is to enrich, preserve and transmit our common cultural heritage and traditions through contemporary art.

In the future Falerone Art Colony will organise international workshops for students of architecture and design. Connecting to the workshops, conferences will be held in Falerone.

The name "Falerone Art Colony" originates from the hungarian "Faleronei Művésztelep", which means "Artists' Colony at Falerone" in english, "Colonia Artistica a Falerone" in italian.

Falerone, province of Fermo, Marche region, Italy

Drawing: Kornél Koczkás